Download mp3: $uicideboy$ – King Tulip

$uicideboy$ Pledge Undying Loyalty To “King Tulip”

New Orleans based duo $uicideboy$ are no stranger to the macabre. Yet a firm foothold on the iconic New Orleans aesthetic prevents them from veering into overt horrorcore territory. With co-signs from Juicy J, a Three 6 figure clearly respected by Ruby and $crim alike, the group has spent years perfecting the nuances of their signature sound. Now, their brand new album I Want To Die In New Orleans has surfaced, and opening track “King Tulip” emerges as an instant highlight; combining their penchant for minimalist hooks, ominous lyricism, and crazy instrumentation, the Boy$ go to work over a Boards Of Canada-esque soundscape.

Download mp3: $uicideboy$ – King Tulip

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