Download Mp3: Berner ft Bone Thug-N-Harmony – “Gon ‘Do”

In any case, the harmonious thugs are always welcome in a contemporary landscape, as they helped lay the foundation for today’s melodically driven flow. Today, they have linked up with marijuana baron Berner, who recently dropped off his Rico albumfor the standout “Gon’ Do.” Taking to a smooth instrumental from Eugeneondasound and Avedon, Berner and Bone reflect on their circumstances, kicking the flow into a laid-back, yet uptempo delivery. While all parties hold it down, history once again repeats itself as Bizzy Bone slides in like a true scene-stealer. Peep this one now, especially if you deem yourself an old soul.

Download Mp3: Berner ft Bone Thug-N-Harmony – “Gon ‘Do”

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